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In our 2nd post of In Case You Missed It, we have Three Days Grace new single PainKiller. Released March of this year, it’s a pretty big deal for the band as it’s their first single with a new lead singer. A make or break change for an already massively successful band from Canada with four studio albums, three of which having platinum/double platinum/gold status (One X being our personal favorite).

At the start of 2013, Three Days Grace announced that lead singer Adam Gontier was resigning from the band because of a “non-life threatening” health issue. Adam Gontier was replaced by My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst, the brother of bassist Brad Walst, shortly thereafter, who was confirmed as an official member in 2014. While a slightly more aggressive sound than with Adam, if the rest of their album is like this, we’re looking forward to hearing more of it soon.