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Today’s free download is Mysto & Pizzi’s remix of Goldroom’s single Till Sunrise (download link below). You can listen to the original track by Goldroom on soundcloud here. We first discovered Mysto & Pizzi with their Kanye West’s Love Lockdown remix. You might also recognize them from their catchy song Somebody’s Watching Me from the popular Geico commercial.



Jaymes Young got his start with the EP of his first single Dark Star, over a year ago. It was a selection of “bedroom-produced, darkly downbeat, sparse confessionals”. You can hear the original Dark Star on SoundCloud. In February an official music video came out. If you’re digging the sound, check out Jaymes Young’s lead single off his new EP titled Habits of My Heart.

Since Dark Star first came out many remixes have come out, of which Kiely Rich’s is definitely my favorite, listen below. Another remix worth checking out by Kiely Rich is Sir Sly – Miracle (Kiely Rich Remix).


With already over 60 million views on Youtube since it’s release 4 months ago, Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is a pretty big hit this year, and as such many remixes have came out of it. Impressive as he was relatively unheard of before his Money On My Mind single in earlier 2014. This one however stands out among the rest, a rising producer (still NYU student, crazy) Prince Fox. He plans to debut an EP or album this summer.