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In case you missed it, this collaboration between Just Blaze and Baauer is one of my favorite songs of 2013.

It seems like an unlikely collaboration. Just Blaze, famous in the hip-hop scene since 97 for working on iconic song with artists like Jay-Z and Eminem. And then there’s Baauer, who’s only been around for 2 years but rocketed to fame by his viral Harlem Shake hit. But somehow the two linked up for an epic tour that resulted in “Higher,” one of the genre-defining tracks between hip-hop and electronic dance music; Trap. The song, including the main line “Turn The Music Higher” by Jay-Z, is kind of a rework of “U Don’t Know,” which was originally produced by Just Blaze more than 10 years ago on The Blueprint album. There’s a interesting interview with Just Blaze and Baauer on how the track came to be, on HuffingtonPost, worth the read.

Released under Thump, a short film was made for the music video. The video is produced by Nabil who’s behind many popular artists’ videos such as SkrillexKanye, Nicki Minaj, John Legend and many more.