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When I started this post it was to share Quake Matthews‘ Find A Way single but evolved into a full album review when I realized his whole 2015 album Rap Music was available to stream on SoundCloud. I discovered the album features a ridiculous amount of Halifax talent. Listen to the album below as we walk through our favorite tracks and talk about some of east coast Canada’s best up-and-coming artists.

1. Rap Music – Comes off more like a rap ballad with some background into Quake Matthews life and where he comes from, it’s kind of an intro until 3:25 where the album starts to kick off.
2. Angel – Quake teams up with Neon Dreams who add their electronic/dance feel to the track. Neon Dream just released a new music video Love Experts, coming off the high of hitting crazy high play counts with their EDM remix: Waka Flocka – 50K (Neon Dreams Remix).
5. You Aint Me – Quake posted on instagram that he just wrapped shooting You Ain’t Me in Amsterdam, so expect this to be his next music video.
6. Snowflake – In this one you might recognize “No two alike like a snowflake”; a Jay-Z lyric from 2009 single Show Me What You Got.
7. Helluva – Dylan Guthro adds a pop chorus to the track, the same artist who was featured on Quakes’ 2014 hit Summertime Win. Guthro also had his own 2014 sexy music video pop hit Do It All Again (produced by Classified).
9. Find A Way – My favorite track off the album, features JRDN & Ghettochild. JRDN previously scored a music video with one of Canada’s biggest hip hop producers Kardinal Offishall titled Can’t Choose in 2013. Ghettochild’s worked with Quake several times before, both of which have worked with Classified on numerous singles.
11. Throw Me In The Fire – Dylan Guthro again, this one’s personally my favorite of the three tracks with Dylan Guthro, though Helluva’s getting more play.
12. Get Out Of The WayRia Mae on the vocals, and Quake rapping over a very Classified-feeling beat and turntable-scratches. You might recognize Ria Mae from her 2011 hit Under Your Skin, check out her new music video that came out last week; Clothes Off, produced by Classified (behind the scenes).
13 Love Me Anyway – Third track that Quake teams up with Dylan Guthro.

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East Coast Canada’s indie rock pride Joel Plaskett has released his fourth solo album. Plaskett’s an artist we’ve had the pleasure of seeing perform live on several occasions while back home in Halifax and PEI. The title of the album comes from Plaskett’s old neighbour Roy, who called the metal guardrail at the corner of Park Avenue and King Street in Darmouth NS, the “Park Avenue sobriety test” because of how many impaired drivers got caught running into it.

The first song off the album we’ve got for you is my personal favorite and the latest single called Credits Roll. You can actually get a free download of Credits Roll on if you fill out his fan questionnaire.  


The second song we wanna feature is the first song that Joel released for the album, and the title track of the album. You can just tell the song is perfect for singing along to at a live concert and Plaskett’s actually been performing it for years. In a well-shot video by Eli Leavitt you can see him performing The Park Avenue Sobriety Test live in Hamilton ON in 2013.


And as bonus, just a month ago Plaskett released On a Dime, my 3rd favorite track off the album. J.P. Cormier contributes some East Coast fiddle to it’s pub-folk-rock sound.


Others tracks off the album worth checking out is Alright OK (in particular will make longtime fans feel at home), Broken Heart Songs (with a little bit of a country sound while poking fun at country), and Song for Jersey (which you can watch a live performance of Song for Jersey posted by Exclaim! TV).

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In possibly their last release before their new album titled “Conversationalist” launches next week on September 9th, In-Flight Safety has posted another track; Caution Horses. We had posted about their other single Animals in early August. You can pre-order their new album on iTunes.