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When I started this post it was to share Quake Matthews‘ Find A Way single but evolved into a full album review when I realized his whole 2015 album Rap Music was available to stream on SoundCloud. I discovered the album features a ridiculous amount of Halifax talent. Listen to the album below as we walk through our favorite tracks and talk about some of east coast Canada’s best up-and-coming artists.

1. Rap Music – Comes off more like a rap ballad with some background into Quake Matthews life and where he comes from, it’s kind of an intro until 3:25 where the album starts to kick off.
2. Angel – Quake teams up with Neon Dreams who add their electronic/dance feel to the track. Neon Dream just released a new music video Love Experts, coming off the high of hitting crazy high play counts with their EDM remix: Waka Flocka – 50K (Neon Dreams Remix).
5. You Aint Me – Quake posted on instagram that he just wrapped shooting You Ain’t Me in Amsterdam, so expect this to be his next music video.
6. Snowflake – In this one you might recognize “No two alike like a snowflake”; a Jay-Z lyric from 2009 single Show Me What You Got.
7. Helluva – Dylan Guthro adds a pop chorus to the track, the same artist who was featured on Quakes’ 2014 hit Summertime Win. Guthro also had his own 2014 sexy music video pop hit Do It All Again (produced by Classified).
9. Find A Way – My favorite track off the album, features JRDN & Ghettochild. JRDN previously scored a music video with one of Canada’s biggest hip hop producers Kardinal Offishall titled Can’t Choose in 2013. Ghettochild’s worked with Quake several times before, both of which have worked with Classified on numerous singles.
11. Throw Me In The Fire – Dylan Guthro again, this one’s personally my favorite of the three tracks with Dylan Guthro, though Helluva’s getting more play.
12. Get Out Of The WayRia Mae on the vocals, and Quake rapping over a very Classified-feeling beat and turntable-scratches. You might recognize Ria Mae from her 2011 hit Under Your Skin, check out her new music video that came out last week; Clothes Off, produced by Classified (behind the scenes).
13 Love Me Anyway – Third track that Quake teams up with Dylan Guthro.

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Today’s free download comes from back home east coast Canada. Produced by our favorite hip-hop artist from the MaritimesClassified. Lot’s of shout outs to Nova Scotia towns throughout the song including Cape Breton, New Glascow, and Whitney Pier. The video tours more places like the Halifax Harbour (spot MacKay Bridge and Georges Island), Pat and I’s university Dalhousie, Halifax Metro Centre, Dartmouth, the Cabot Trail, Truro and more. Love the line on saying “what’s up?” as you pass someone, to this day I’ll catch myself saying it in the US as I pass someone and think “that was rude” if they don’t say something back. You can download the song Down Home on SoundCloud.

It’s not often we get to post about artists we personally know. Today we have the first single off Tim Chaisson‘s new album Lost In Light. Tim is from PEI (the province in Canada Pat and I are from). The album launched October 24 in Australia and is due for release here in North America in early 2015. We’ve been to see Tim perform several times back home in both PEI and Halifax. Other tracks on the album we’re looking forward to are Bad On Me, and Cajun Moon (both of which I got to sneak peak of at a concert back home). You can follow Tim on Facebook and Twitter.

Majid Jordan, the duo comprised of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman from Toronto, first came on the scene with their collab with Drake titled Hold On, We’re Going Home. How’d this young duo score a collab with a big name like Drake? Well besides that their both from Toronto, Majid Jordan is signed to OVO Sound, a record label co-founded by Drake. Their premier EP containing 5 tracks and is available on iTunes and Spotify. The video is created by a neat Toronto video production company called Common Good.

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Tep No - Lana Del Dre Single Cover

Our free download today comes from Toronto Artist/Producer Tep No. Even before I heard he was from Toronto I thought he had a bit of a The Weeknd sound to him. Tep No gained some traction when his Promises single took off with 2800+ upvotes on Hypem and 400,000 listens when it was posted on MrSuicideSheep’s youtube channel here. He’s also got a couple video’s up on his Youtube channel. La Belle Musique tossed together some neat visuals to this single you can check out here. Shout out to Toronto native Ann Liao for tipping us off to this one on twitter.

Download: Soundcloud

In possibly their last release before their new album titled “Conversationalist” launches next week on September 9th, In-Flight Safety has posted another track; Caution Horses. We had posted about their other single Animals in early August. You can pre-order their new album on iTunes.

This is our first post for our “Incase You Missed It” series, sometimes we’ll come across tracks in our music collection that are so good, we can’t help but post in case you missed it when it was released.

I found this song during all the excitement of Canada winning back to back Women’s and then Men’s Hockey gold medal games in this year’s Winter Olympics, so it only seems appropriate I had this song on repeat. Dada Life’s put out 39 different versions of this track, each one customized to a different country. You can grab your country’s version up on Beatport. For my USA fiend’s you can listen to the full track for USA on soundcloud or the lyric video up on youtube.