23 Apr 2018

Logan Magness Debut Album “Memphis on My Mind”


Logan Magness is an Americana singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Americana is a genre consisting of a mixture of country, folk, blues, and light rock. Born near Memphis, Tennessee, his debut album “Memphis on My Mind” is a tribute to moving back home after spending his last 5 years in San Francisco. His debut album tells his story of falling in and out of love with San Francisco and its people and the hold that Memphis always had on his heart. There’s a great 2-minute Behind The Scenes of the recording process and what the album means to him.

Logan Magness Memphis On My Mind Album Cover

I first met Logan when I was still living in San Francisco. He is a longtime friend of my wife and I was lucky enough to get to know Logan as a friend before I knew him as a music artist. I went to a couple of his live shows in SF, when he was still toying with some of the songs that are now on this album. I remember a great energy in the crowd. His songs told a heartfelt story – often serious – but that didn’t stop him from cracking jokes and lightening the mood between songs. My wife and I were honored to have him play at our wedding last year. Logan has since moved out to Memphis to pursue his music career full time.

Some of my favorites off the album include Melt Like Wax, Thin Red Line, and Lorna. Maybe it’s just me relating Americana to some of the folk/alternative music from back home in east coast Canada, but I find he’s got a bit of a similar sound to Tim Chaisson’s earlier stuff like All Over Again. While “Thin Red Line,” which has a vocal duet with Mary Gauthier has a kind of Sufjan Stevens To Be Alone WIth You feel.

The album broke into the top 100 on the AMA music charts. On the Logan Magness Facebook page, he notes the album is “self-funded, self-produced, and self-released.” So if you like his sound please get the album off iTunes or his website loganmagness.com.

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