3 Dec 2014

D.O. aka Defy the Odds – Down Home ft Chad Hatcher [Free Download]


Today’s free download comes from back home east coast Canada. Produced by our favorite hip-hop artist from the MaritimesClassified. Lot’s of shout outs to Nova Scotia towns throughout the song including Cape Breton, New Glascow, and Whitney Pier. The video tours more places like the Halifax Harbour (spot MacKay Bridge and Georges Island), Pat and I’s university Dalhousie, Halifax Metro Centre, Dartmouth, the Cabot Trail, Truro and more. Love the line on saying “what’s up?” as you pass someone, to this day I’ll catch myself saying it in the US as I pass someone and think “that was rude” if they don’t say something back. You can download the song Down Home on SoundCloud.

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