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We created this site to share our music tastes and for people to discover some of the best new music even before it hits the music charts. We follow a lot of music artists/music blogs and kept each other informed of new music, but often when we share music with friends, they are surprised they haven’t heard of the awesome song/artist before. We’re hoping with this site we can help keep you up-to-date on some of the great new music that’s out there.

A “Less is More” Music Blog

A lot of popular music blogs publish a ton of posts, because it’s their job, and more posts = (hopefully) more page views = more ad revenue. Sadly that can often lead to them posting a lot of, well, “just-okay” songs. We don’t wanna be that, we’re only gonna post what we think is the best of the music we find. So don’t be surprised if you only see one or two posts every day or so. We figure with this blog we filter through all the crappy songs so you don’t have to.

Types Of Music

The posts you’ll see on here will reflect the type of music we enjoy, which actually encompasses many different genres: hiphop, club, rap, dance, dubstep, pop, rock, and indie to name a few.

Logo & Site Design

It’s hard to believe but we’ve been sitting on the idea of launching the site for 3 years now. So with a new year we decided to finally just to give it a shot. Mitch had designed us an awesome logo and put together a pretty sweet theme back then, and they seem to have stood the test of time pretty well, so we’re gonna just roll with it.

Before The Charts Logo

Creating A Unique Reading Experience

There’s a bunch of ideas we want to do to provide a unique experience here. One of the ideas we’re playing around with is having posts with multiple author’s takes on a new song. We’re also hoping to cover some lesser known artists and local talent, maybe show some love for our east coast canada artists from where we’re from. We’ll be posting a mix of both single tracks and music videos, and on those rare occasions when an entire album is good, an album review.

We’d like to do some cool things with the website like having an audio player built into the site (so songs could just roll into the next one once it’s over), ajax-ing posts in so mp3’s can keep playing as you navigate around the site, a responsive design, maybe an app, so we’ll see if we can add those in eventually. For now we’re gonna keep it pretty basic to start things off.


If the artist is offering a free download to the song we’ll link to it, or maybe an itunes link to save you the time, but we’re probably not gonna put nefarious download links in. I’m sure our intelligent readers can figure out how to get soundcloud mp3s and download youtube videos or find a hulk-mega-upload-share-thing link all on their own if they wanna get it that way (how’d those links get in there?).

Where To Follow Us

Feedback is always welcome so hit us up in the comments or on twitter to let us know what we can do to make things better!

Subscribe to the RSS Feed or follow @BeforeTheCharts on twitter, and enjoy the music before it hits the charts!

— Mitch and Pat