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Tragic. Today we lost one of the most influential lead vocalists, of one of the biggest rock bands, of our generation; Chester Bennington. Just last month Patrick, myself and several of my friends attended what would turn out to be our first and last Linkin Park concert. As noted through various posts on this site, Linkin Park was Pat and I’s favorite band growing up, and there’s a mix of gratefulness that we finally got to see our favorite band perform live, and sadness that we won’t get to do it again. I also discovered today that my fiancé had also bought tickets to give to me on my birthday to see them in Seattle in October. Linkin Park’s Youtube account had released a brand new music video the same morning before the news of Chester’s passing broke, made up of tour footage, it’s now serving as a tribute to Chester, trending at #1 on Youtube.

Out of nowhere comes a brand new single from Green Day. The rockers are back for the twelfth studio album and the single Bang Bang is the first taste we get of the band. Lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong stated that the lead single Bang Bang is “about the culture of mass shooting that happens in America mixed with narcissistic social media.”Armstrong also stated that the album is meant to reflect the current state of chaos in the United States, what with the mass shootings and upcoming elections. Seems like a strong rock track and has us looking forward to the new album! Also check out the other single Revolution Radio they released from the album.

Tim Chaisson’s new music video features all PEI scenery (where Pat and I grew up!) and Tim’s own 1978 camper van. Tim applies his folk-music background to create a country sounding track, which is getting Tim (typically known for his folk/rock sound) some play time on country radio stations. The song’s off the album “Lost In Light” released February 17 earlier this year. Check out his previous video off the album Crushed, and you can listen to the whole album on our review of Lost In Light. Please support Tim and check out the download links below.

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I’ll admit I don’t feel like I get to post much Rock on BTC (Pat does a better job covering that genre in my mind), though I feel like that’s partially because the rock industry moves so much slower than the rap and dance scene. That being said, every once in a while I’ll come across a rock track like this that strikes a cord with me. Modestep‘s new music video for their new single Machines is one of those times. The reason for this might have to be do with Modestep’s unique genre-bridging sound, they’re known as a dubstep and electronic rock band. Machines is their first single for their upcoming new album London Road, due out today! What’s really cool is they’ve had their whole London Road album available for streaming on SoundCloud for the last week, leading up to the launch, go give it a listen. You might recongize Modestep from their 2011 dubstep singles Sunlight and Feel Good, and their 2013 single Another Day (Remix).

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Tim Chaisson just released the official video for Crushed from the album Lost In Light which was released on February 17, 2015. We premiered the single Crushed in October last year. You can read more in our writeup for the new album Lost in Light.

Nickelback is following up their comeback single for their new album with a music video to match. The video plays on the song’s theme of rebellion with visuals combining scenes of protests, soldiers, and a classroom full of children being fed messages of conformity, that they ultimately decide to reject in favor of the need for change.

It only seems appropriate that our first post would come from Pat and I’s all-time favorite rock band Linkin Park. It’s the latest music video from their new album The Hunting Party. Their first music video for the video was Until The End. Other tracks to checkout out are Rebellion, A Line In The Sand and Keys To The Kingdom (after the 25 seconds of yelling at the start).