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DJ Khaled recruits an all-star guest list of artists for his lead single “I’m The One” off his forthcoming studio album Grateful. The song was just released as well as the video. Everyone kills it, this one will definitely be one for the summer. Happy Friday! ūüôā



It’s kind of surprisingly for me to be posting this and not the other BTC author Pat, he’s the bigger Kendrick Lamar fan, but I wanted to take this one as this is the best¬†Lamar track I’ve heard in a long time. Plus, the visuals of this music video keep you watching; from Lamar as a pope, to him laying on a table of money shooting dollar bills from a money-gun(?), to his version of The Last Supper, to his peer’s heads set aflame wrapped in gasoline-soaked rope, there’s a lot of imagery here. In his previous single The Heart Part 4, he teased these tracks may or may not be leading up to a potential project that could arrive¬†April 7, so come back next Friday to see if something drops.

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We didn’t get a post out in time for¬†Black Beatles¬†when it came out Sept 2016, which is now at a crazy 300+ million views on Youtube, so we’re making sure we’ve got¬†Rae Sremmund’s follow up hit on here. 2016 was a breakout year for the two brothers, but before¬†Black Beatles their previous 2 singles Now That I Know¬†(too slow) and Shake it Fast¬†(terrible video) were not nearly as good, here’s hoping they continues on this trend.

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We can’t really consider this one as a “before the charts” post, but we still felt it was worthy of a write-up. Migos has the number one song on the Billboard top 100 charts this week with Bad and Bougie. The hype for the group and song has been helped by a ton of memes and a recent shoutout by Donald Glover at the Golden Globes who called Migos the “Beatles of our generation”. Their upcoming album Culture is set to drop on January 27th.

Today has been termed “Blue Monday” since it is the most depressing day of the year, so we couldn’t think of a better song to post for today. Hopefully this one gets you bobbing your head or puts a smile on your face ūüôā


Macklemore has a mega hit on his hands again, this time shedding some light on how Big Pharma and crooked doctors are getting people hooked on opioids just to line¬†their pockets. As a former addict, Macklemore teamed up with President Obama¬†earlier this year and created a documentary on MTV about the opioid crisis. Love it when Macklemore goes hard like he does here, the topics and even it’s visuals reminds me of his 2011 hit Otherside. Living in Seattle, his¬†hometown, I’m already regretting not taking advantage and seeing Macklemore¬†at Bumbershoot 2016. Also, since we haven’t posted on Macklemore before, I gotta give a shoutout to my favorite track of his (especially around St. Patrick’s Day each year),¬†Irish Celebration, less played than many of his other hits.

One of the music videos from last month I keep going back to is Jidenna’s single “Chief Don’t Run”. You probably recognize Jidenna from his 2015 hit Classic Man and the Classic Man (Remix ft Kendrick Lamar). Another one of his 2015 singles worth checking out, that Pat recommended, is¬†Long Live the Chief.

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Now here is two leaders in the music scene you would not picture hanging out and making a music video together; Skrillex and Rick Ross. It’s the lead single off the new Suicide Squad album, so I guess it fits right in with the theme of unlikely team’s being formed. What’s even crazier is they actually got Jared Leto (who plays the new Joker) to not just cameo but basically play a featured role¬†for the music video. It’s a trap single, primarily Rick Ross rapping over a Skrillex beat, but Skrillex also chopped and screwed Rick Ross’s lyrics over the chorus as well. The previous single off the Suicide Squad album was also an interesting collaboration and pretty solid too, check out Sucker for Pain – Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons.

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French Montana recruits Drake for a pretty catchy tune and a funny music video where the two have Latino alter egos. This is the first single off French Montana’s upcoming LP


Timeflies is an American duo that have been around since 2010. They have gained popularity by doing their Timeflies Tuesdays, where they will post content to their YouTube channel every Tuesday. This includes videos of remixes, performing live covers, and freestyling over original beats. Once In A While was released this year and is seriously catchy and a feel good summer beat. The video dropped last week and is pretty cool and well done. Check it out and let us know what you think!

It’s been almost a month since our last post so it’s time to catch you up!¬†In case you missed it, one of my favorite¬†English rappers Tinie Tempah¬†dropped a bomb of a new single “Girls Like” ft. Zara Larsson. The music video has already amassed more than 65 million views on YouTube. You might recognize Zara Larsson from her single last year Never Forget You with MNEK.

Tinie Tempah burst onto the scene in 2009 with¬†two British number-one singles; Pass Out¬†and Written in the Stars¬†(still 2 of my favorites),¬†after previously releasing just a couple of mixtapes. They were two of the¬†lead singles off¬†his¬†debut album, Disc-Overy, released in October 2010. Another notable single off that album is Frisky. For his first album it featured an impressive number of artist appearances in the followup singles¬†Invincible ft. Kelly Rowland, Wonderman ft. Ellie Goulding, and¬†Till I’m Gone ft. Wiz Khalifa.¬†In¬†November 2013, Tempah released his 2nd studio album¬†Demonstration. With not quite the same level of success, it still included hits¬†Trampoline ft. 2 Chainz¬†and¬†Children Of The Sun ft. John Martin.

Tinie Tempah has also been featured on a ton of other artists hits, showing off his skills of being able to work his style into any type of genre; starting with Swedish House Mafia РMiami 2 Ibiza in 2010, and Labrinth РEarthquake in 2011. Then in 2012, he goes all in on collaborational chart toppers with three; Ellie Goulding РHanging On, Rita Ora РR.I.P. and (another of my favorites) Calvin Harris РDrinking From the Bottle. In 2014 he resurfaces on DVBBS & Borgeous РTsunami and even last year on KDA РTurn The Music Louder (Rumble) in 2015. 

We’re looking forward to his third studio album due out this year; Youth (2016). To hold you off till then, if you’re looking for another English rapper, check out Shakka.

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