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In Febuary, we posted Heavy ft. Kiiara; Linkin Park’s first single off their upcoming album One More Light. After that, Battle Symphony dropped in March. Now LP’s shaking things up again; enlisting Pusha T and Stomrzy for a new rock/rap collaboration that’s sure to please those old Fort Minor fans out there. English rapper Stormzy gives the song’s second half a bit of that Tinie Tempah feel. The new album’s due to drop May 19.

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I’ve been a big alt-J fan for awhile now, with their first album An Awesome Wave having so many great songs like Tessellate, Breezeblocks, Fitzpleasure, and Taro (my personal fav). Their follow up album This Is All Yours in 2014 was also solid but not as great as their debut album in my opinion. After over two years, we are finally hearing some new music from the British group. Their new song In Cold Blood features much of the same, with experimental sounds, funky beats and lyrics that really don’t make sense (?). But In Cold Blood is catchy and serves as a great first single for their upcoming 2017 album Relaxer due June 22

WARNING: Video Contains Flashing Images

I first heard this song a couple months ago while Pat was in town on the speakers in a clothing store and shouted across the store for him to Shazam it. I keep coming back to it so I figured I’d share. It was “Part of Me” by Phases, is an indie pop band from LA. When I checked out their Youtube channel, I discovered they gained some popularity with their debut music video last year; I’m In Love With My Life, but not too much since then. Like Part of Me, a lot of their beats have an almost circa-michael-jackson sound, eg. see Cooler, and Betty Blue. None of which I like quite as much as this one, so I’m hoping they put out more like this.

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I had never heard of this guy until yesterday when one of our favourite rappers (who is hopefully making a return to the rap game) XV tweeted out that he was listening to and loving Jon Bellion’s new album. I decided to check it out and it is definitely solid. The Human Condition is Bellion’s debut album and is definitely a blend of rap, pop, indie and electronic. It’s a super unique and catchy sound. All Time Low is a standout track from the album, check it out below and let us know what you think!


This London-based duo recently released their debut, self-titled album. Previously, they had been releasing a new song each month for the past year on Soundcloud. The band has a super chill vibe, mixing electronics nicely in their tracks. This is one of the standout tracks from their album, check it out and let us know what you think!

Madeon is back with their album Adventure and this is a standout track from the album featuring Mark Foster from Foster the People. Be sure to check out the album, it is very solid.




East Coast Canada’s indie rock pride Joel Plaskett has released his fourth solo album. Plaskett’s an artist we’ve had the pleasure of seeing perform live on several occasions while back home in Halifax and PEI. The title of the album comes from Plaskett’s old neighbour Roy, who called the metal guardrail at the corner of Park Avenue and King Street in Darmouth NS, the “Park Avenue sobriety test” because of how many impaired drivers got caught running into it.

The first song off the album we’ve got for you is my personal favorite and the latest single called Credits Roll. You can actually get a free download of Credits Roll on if you fill out his fan questionnaire.  


The second song we wanna feature is the first song that Joel released for the album, and the title track of the album. You can just tell the song is perfect for singing along to at a live concert and Plaskett’s actually been performing it for years. In a well-shot video by Eli Leavitt you can see him performing The Park Avenue Sobriety Test live in Hamilton ON in 2013.


And as bonus, just a month ago Plaskett released On a Dime, my 3rd favorite track off the album. J.P. Cormier contributes some East Coast fiddle to it’s pub-folk-rock sound.


Others tracks off the album worth checking out is Alright OK (in particular will make longtime fans feel at home), Broken Heart Songs (with a little bit of a country sound while poking fun at country), and Song for Jersey (which you can watch a live performance of Song for Jersey posted by Exclaim! TV).

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Today is the release date for PEI native Tim Chaisson‘s new album Lost in Light. We premiere’d the lead single for the album; Crushed here in October last year (more info on the album there). The album was successfully crowdfunded on PledgeMusic (which we contributed to of course). You can listen to the album on Spotify embedded below, then please go help support him by ordering the album on iTunes.

Hoodie Allen People Are Talking Cover Art

We have long been big Hoodie Allen fans and have had his new album on blast the last little while. This here is one of the standout tracks from the album, great beat and vibe to it! Check it out and let us know what you think! Check out Hoodie’s debut album, People Keep Talking, on iTunes.

Tep No - Lana Del Dre Single Cover

Our free download today comes from Toronto Artist/Producer Tep No. Even before I heard he was from Toronto I thought he had a bit of a The Weeknd sound to him. Tep No gained some traction when his Promises single took off with 2800+ upvotes on Hypem and 400,000 listens when it was posted on MrSuicideSheep’s youtube channel here. He’s also got a couple video’s up on his Youtube channel. La Belle Musique tossed together some neat visuals to this single you can check out here. Shout out to Toronto native Ann Liao for tipping us off to this one on twitter.

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