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Two days ago Canada legalized marijuana, and impressively timed, that same morning, Classified released the video for his latest single, Legal Marijuana. The video’s a play on the classic Coca-Cola “Hilltop” commercial from 1971. Some people might not like the skewed voice on the chorus but I think it’s catchy. Nova Scotia alone, where Class lives, did $660,000 in marijuana sales that first day.

If the title of the album seems familiar, it’s because in June Classified released an EP titled “Tomorrow Could Be…”, so this full length album is those 6 tracks plus 7 new ones. Super Nova Scotian is the hidden gem near the end of the album; it features Bubbles! Check out the playlist below for the music videos Classified’s released so far for the album.


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Logan Magness is an Americana singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Americana is a genre consisting of a mixture of country, folk, blues, and light rock. Born near Memphis, Tennessee, his debut album “Memphis on My Mind” is a tribute to moving back home after spending his last 5 years in San Francisco. His debut album tells his story of falling in and out of love with San Francisco and its people and the hold that Memphis always had on his heart. There’s a great 2-minute Behind The Scenes of the recording process and what the album means to him.

Logan Magness Memphis On My Mind Album Cover

I first met Logan when I was still living in San Francisco. He is a longtime friend of my wife and I was lucky enough to get to know Logan as a friend before I knew him as a music artist. I went to a couple of his live shows in SF, when he was still toying with some of the songs that are now on this album. I remember a great energy in the crowd. His songs told a heartfelt story – often serious – but that didn’t stop him from cracking jokes and lightening the mood between songs. My wife and I were honored to have him play at our wedding last year. Logan has since moved out to Memphis to pursue his music career full time.

Some of my favorites off the album include Melt Like Wax, Thin Red Line, and Lorna. Maybe it’s just me relating Americana to some of the folk/alternative music from back home in east coast Canada, but I find he’s got a bit of a similar sound to Tim Chaisson’s earlier stuff like All Over Again. While “Thin Red Line,” which has a vocal duet with Mary Gauthier has a kind of Sufjan Stevens To Be Alone WIth You feel.

The album broke into the top 100 on the AMA music charts. On the Logan Magness Facebook page, he notes the album is “self-funded, self-produced, and self-released.” So if you like his sound please get the album off iTunes or his website

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Wow, we saw the teasers for Eminem’s new song and that it would be dropping today, but had no clue it was going to feature Beyonce. Eminem announced that his first new album in four years is going to drop next week (!!) and that it will in fact be titled Revival. He then gave us the first look at the album with the track called Walk on Water. It is a basic and simple song, but that just makes the introspective lyrics and message that more poignant.

In an interview, Eminem talks about how he has heard all of the criticisms against him and used them as fuel for creating this new song.

“When you start out in your career, you have a blank canvas, so you can paint anywhere that you want because the sh*t ain’t been painted on yet,” Eminem said, discussing his mindset when writing the song. “And then your second album comes out and you paint a little more, and you paint a little more and by the time you get to your seventh and eight album you’ve already painted all over that. There’s nowhere else to paint. So it’s like, where do you go? And people are always expecting something different from you.”

Beyonce was recruited for the track through Rick Rubin. Rick heard the song and decided he wanted to play it for Jay-Z and Queen B: “The reason I waned to play it for him is because I’m sure these same feelings cross his mind,” Rubin said, detailing a meeting where he played them the song. “These same feelings cross any successful artist’s mind.” After hearing the record, Beyonce agreed to sing the chorus, and the rest is history.


This song definitely has us excited for Eminem’s new album. What do you guys think of it?

It’s been awhile since we heard from etiher CyHi The Prynce or Kanye West but both come out of hiding on the same song. It sounds like a new anthem to address the haters. Look for CyHi’s new album No Dope On Sundays to drop later this year.


DJ-producer Steve Angello, formerly of EDM group Swedish House Mafia, has dropped a banger song with Pusha T titled Freedom. The song is politically charged with Pusha T emphasizing that “America’s ours” throughout the track. The artist will be releasing his new album, Almost Human, later this year.


Pegboard Nerds is a Danish-Norwegian electronic music group who recently released their fifth EP titled Nerds By Nature. “Speed Of Light” was the debut track off their album – check out the original version here.

The track received a sped-up revival titled “Speed Of Light (Pt. 2)”. The follow-up track materializes as the original’s hip-hop oriented cousin, with a mellow guitar melody that complements vocals laid by the track’s featured artists: Taylor Bennett, who is Chance The Rapper’s younger brother, and hip-hop artist, Skylr. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

David Guetta is back and has recruited some big names for a new banger. Afrojack, Charli XCX and French Montana hop on the track. We think this one will be a huge hit, so check it out before it blows up.


If you’re in Seattle this Friday, Nov 3, come see New Felts perform live @ Skylark (facebook event page for more info). We try to feature up-and-coming indie artists when we can and their new track Ritual Man in particular has got that professional sound that deserves radio airtime in our opinion. I previously saw them perform at The Rendezvous back in August. Click that Like button on New Felts on Facebook to hear about upcoming shows and follow New Felts on SoundCloud for future tracks.

Matt Mays ran a hand through his long brown hair and leaned in closer to the microphone.

He looked around at the 60 or so people gathered in a studio on the sixth floor of the CBC building. The crowd, gathered around him in a circle, was silent as they eagerly waited for the 38-year-old to address them.

Mays was sombre in his address — I forget the exact words he said — but it was the same day that the music world lost legend Tom Petty on Oct. 2 and a day after a deadly massacre at a country concert in Las Vegas.

I had noticed on his Facebook page a few days earlier that he was having a free show at the CBC to play a few songs from his new album Once Upon a Hell of a Time, which was released on Friday.

Once Upon a Hell of a Time is a 13-track, 53 minute long produced by Sonic Entertainment Group that coincides with a tour in late November.

Before I get into the songs from the new album, a little bit of background. I had heard about Mays’ music for quite a while as my big brother Patrick was a fan. I had only seen him live once in 2011 when he played for the Canada Games’ opening ceremony in his hometown of Halifax. My memory from the show is a little hazy due to one too many shots of Fireball, but it was still great.

Fast forward 6 1/2 years later and here we are at the CBC as Mays played for about an hour with a mix of new and old material. It was a great opportunity to see the rocker live and hear some of his new tunes.

I was immediately drawn to the song “Drive On” when I heard it live. It — like most of the new album — is very classic Mays and what drew fans to the artist in the first place. What I liked most about “Drive On” is that it struck me as a song that I could see myself cruising down the highways of P.E.I. listening to. It’s easy listening with a catchy beat, advanced by the solid contributions of the drummer.

The song’s bridge is also very well done, with a nice steady crescendo into an outro sung by Mays.

Another few songs that caught my ear were “Faint of Heart” and “NYC Girls.”

“Faint of Heart” had incredible guitar rifts throughout and, like “Drive On,” was extremely catchy. I would imagine that both will get significant air time on radio stations across Canada.
“NYC Girls” has great lyrics throughout and are performed well by Mays’ raspy, classic rock-n-roll style voice. Unfortunately for Mays, he told the audience in Toronto that the lyrics were based off of true events. Don’t worry, Matt. I had no luck on Tinder when I was in New York City last year, either.

Once Upon a Hell of Time is an impressive album from top to bottom from these East Coast rockers. I would expect it to get some Juno Award consideration. You can listen to the whole Album on Spotify, download links below.

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The duo of last year’s beer pong anthem Pong Dance is back! This time Vigiland is taking over the repeat button on your Friday nights. With a very similar target audience to that of Pong Dance, their 2014 hit Shots and Squats has been their most successful hit to date.


Update May 11: Vigiland has now released the music video for Friday Night:

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